Where Do I Go From Here? I Wanna Know, 2017!

One of the big questions I’ve been asking myself lately is ‘Where do I go from here?’.  Where do I try to take myself spiritually, financially, professionally as a father, boyfriend, and human being…I’m trying to have a longer-term outlook on my life as I get older so I at least try to plan to obtain certain long-term objectives as opposed to simply living in the here-and-now, which I guess is a good thing if you’re Buddhist. But I also believe in long-term planning.  My life has been mostly a mess so far, at least as an adult.  Lots of broken, messed up dreams and relationships.  I’m thinking now that if I plan better, that if I have a longer-term outlook, I can set myself up for better success in the future. If I could just get my act together.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  I think a big part of ‘success’ in life is asking yourself important, meaningful questions and trying to find answers to them.  Put your brain to work on the problem statements, and daily meditate on the solutions. Find the solutions. Where do we go from here?



2 thoughts on “Where Do I Go From Here? I Wanna Know, 2017!

  1. Nice insight James, some of which I’m experiencing myself professionally. Personally, family life is good, can always be better. I appreciate your thoughts on planning for the future and maybe having a road map to help guide us in all the things we do. I’m thinking I will try and implement some of that now to help better frame what it is that I want to do and not be living in the now, shooting from the hip, hoping it all will eventually work out. Hope things become clearer for you. Great to see you in November.

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