Freedom Fast Lane Live, Austin, TX : Day 3

Day 3 of Freedom Fast Lane Live

Here are my notes from Day 3, the last day, of Ryan Moran’s Freedom Fast Lane Live Conference (December 11-13th) in Austin, Texas.

Jaime Tardy and Ryan Moran – Habits of Millionaires

  • Fitness is a top focus of top tier millionaires.
  • Half of millionaires she interviewed eat Paleo.
  • Millionaires tend to work all the hours they can, not reduce work hours (ala Four Hour Work Week).
  • Millionaires know their strengths and play to them.
  • Getting really good at hiring the right people is critical to success.  Culture Index.  Disc.
  • Need clarity on direction in order to create a strategy and steps to get there.
    • This is the key role of a CEO.
  • Make Agreements with employees, not Expectations.

Ryan Deiss

  • In Internet Marketing, need to find the sweet spot between Direct Response and Branding.
  • Bank Vault anecdote relative to online relationship with potential customer.  Need to make deposits and build trust before making withdraws.
  • Book: ‘Product launch Model’, by Jeff Walker
  • Retargeting and Pixel Pushing now more important than list building.
  • Place Pixels now even in the absence of direction and strategy; figure out how to monetize later.
  • The future is Cost Per Pixel (CPP).

Robert Herjavec

  • Sometimes it’s the people you are targeting that makes all the difference in sales.
    • Took $17 million Ugly Christmas Sweater business to $600 million by targeting University students.
  • Poor people save money, rich people buy time.
Robert Herjavec talks shop
Robert Herjavec talks shop
  • Runs the largest privately held CyberSecurity Firm in the world.
    • Slow growth, but there was a tipping point.
    • Biggest competition now is IBM.
    • Took a while for his market to mature and get hot.
    • He was doing $50 million a year and still did not fully realize the size of the market.
    • Trick is to invest ahead of the curve, to anticipate future demand/market, not react.
    • Always know the growth forecast for your company for the next year.  If you don’t hit your numbers, figure out why and adjust.
    • Oracle and Microsoft took 10-12 years to hit $50 milly mark.
    • Growth is hard; dreams are good but you need a path to get there.

Unfortunately, we had to leave to catch a plane before getting to hear all of Mr. Herjavec’s discussion with Ryan Moran.


  • Everyone needs to be an entrepreneur today, for a host of reasons.  Everyone needs to learn to sell.  Sales cures all ills, up to a certain point.
  • Getting to the top takes work and the willingness to out-work everyone else chasing similar dreams.  Sometimes, it takes losing everything and starting over…several times.
  • At least two immigrants were part of the multi-millionaire speaker list at this conference: Gary Vaynerchuk (Belarus) and Robert Herjavec (Croatia).  There is something unique about people coming to America with nothing and crushing it financially.
  • Taking a company to $50 million can take 10-12 years, if you’re lucky.  Making more than $50 milly is rarefied air.
  • Big, successful companies need great employees to reach the big $$ objectives.  Be serious about hiring the best; help employees achieve their dreams and they will help you (Jeff Hoffman). Culture Index, Disc assessments.
  • Per Nathan Latka, on ‘The Top’ podcast, episode 140, Ryan Moran paid out about $150k for this Conference.  He sold somewhere between 400-500 tickets at around $1495 per ticket (people who bought two or more tickets were given discounts on subsequent tickets).
  • We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.  The more time I can get around high rollers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Jeff Hoffman, Robert Herjavec, etc., the better.

Austin in the background