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DeepLens Challenge Hackathon Project Submitted

Nautilus Face Tracker

My DeepLens Challenge Project is called ‘Nautilus Face Tracker’. The goal of my project is to integrate the DeepLens Camera with Alexa, using AWS Cloud as the back-bone and brains of the system, to allow Alexa to recognize faces as well as learn to recognize new faces she has never seen before. My project was more of an AWS Service Integration problem rather than a Machine Learning exercise, really; but I did learn alot about the DeepLens Platform and definitely have my interest piqued in learning more about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In fact, my girlfriend also has a new interest in the subject presumably just from listening to me work on this project. She even started taking a ChatBot course last week on Coursera as a result. These are fascinating times to work in the Information Technology field (and I shan’t be outdone)!

Here’s the architectural diagram I made to describe and explain, at a high level, how I put my project together. The source code is still in a private repository while the competition takes place. The Hackathon ends on Valentine’s Day (2/14/2018).

Nautilus Face Tracker Architecture

I put this whole thing together using some fairly simple Python and nodejs scripts and a few Lambda Services.  In retrospect, the AWS services and programming APIs are very easy and powerful to use.

Here’s the video I made demonstrating my project.  A video demonstration of working code was a requirement for this project.

So What’s Next?

I definitely want to learn more about Machine Learning. I found some good learning resources as starting points, and Coursera has some good Deep Learning classes as well:

Real-Time Image Rekognition with Tensorflow? Not Exactly…

I’ve got one week left to complete my AWS DeepLens Hackathon Project. I wrote about my decision to participate in the AWS DeepLens Hackathon here. It’s been an enjoyable learning experience so far. I’ve seen a few projects doing some amazing Machine Learning things with real-time image recognition using things like Tensorflow. I can barely spell Tensorflow. Tonight, I was pretty stoked just to get my Alexa Spot to recognize my face by using the vision and face recognition capabilities of the DeepLens.

I just won this Echo Spot at my company Christmas Party a few weeks ago…

Alexa Spot Face Recognition
Alexa Spot Face Recognition

Now to apply some finishing touches and to submit my project.  Tensorflow or not…yolo.

Flow Zone

It’s true…