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Email Encryption Made Easy(er)

Dear Internet User,

You need to encrypt your sh*&^! There is no excuse to have your personal information, ideas, or other personal communications intercepted and read by prying eyes – such as Google, the NSA or anyone else for that matter. I have had my personal data stolen on at least two occasions so far, because third-party contractors, health care providers, etc do not take information security seriously; moreover, they are all pretty much clueless – and the U.S. Government does not care a lick if your personal information is not secure. But that does not mean you have to be apathetic and clueless too! Start by encrypting your email. It is fairly straight-forward, but it requires at least one friend or family member to be on board with encrypting email.

In general, here are some steps you can follow to get set up to encrypt your email communications so that it becomes too expensive for the US Government, Google, Yahoo or other organizations with a vested interest in seeing what you send over the internet, from being able to do so:

  1. Download and install GNU Privacy Guard. There are Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux installations so it’s easy no matter the platform.
  2. Download and install Thunderbird, the email reader from the Mozilla Foundation.
  3. Install the Enigmail Thunderbird Plugin, which will make it easy to encrypt and decrypt email messages.
  4. The Enigmail plugin will walk you through generating your Public and Private PGP Keys. You will need to export and share your Public PGP Key with friends and family you wish to send encrypted email to.

Once you get all set up, feel free to test your setup with me. You can send me your Public PGP Key and we can test sending and decrypting email messages so you can get the hang of it. Our freedom depends on our ablilities to hide personal information from unintended audiences.

My Public PGP Key: click this link and import my Public PGP Key into your Keyring.